Consulting (Short Video Sessions)
I can consult across most aspects of planning, production and getting your game out there. From art direction, game design, and layout to crowdfunding, marketing and printing, I am able to provide some guidance and advice as someone who has been in the same boat! Book by the hour, and let me know what questions or issues you'd like to chat about. 
"Vee delivered an exceptional consultation session filled with insights tailored to our specific project.
Her expertise and thoughtfulness shone through, making the session extremely valuable.
Vee's notes have been instrumental in keeping us on track with our project, and we
highly recommend her consulting services. We're looking forward to our next session!"
- Brian & Crystal
Roleplaying Game Layout
I can handle all aspects of laying out your game, from PDFs and books, to cards, character sheets and more. From concept design to print-ready proofs, we'll work together to get the best out of your game. 
Marketing Material and Crowdfunding Page
If you're planning to share or crowdfund your game, you'll need some kick-ass and shiny assets: mock-ups, info-graphics, features and more. Whether it's for your project page, social media, or print material like flyers, I can help put together a unified look for your game.
Logos, Wordmarks and Brand Design
A strong visual brand requires a clever mix of personality, clarity and memorability. I can help you design your game or your business's logotype, or a full branding set with colours, fonts, imagery and logos.
Project-wide Conceptual Design and Art Direction
I can partner with you to set a creative direction for your game that unifies art, graphic design and product design. I can ensure that all artists are briefed in a cohesive way, to create a strong and memorable visual style.
Interested? Contact me for a friendly quote and let's chat about your project! Let me know all about your game, timelines and how I can help.
I'm really glad I got to work with Vee on Homebound. I really appreciated her insights into the project and how she interpreted that into the overall design. As I wanted to get this project completed in a very specific time, her promptness with communications and feedback to get it all done on time was a major boon.
— Aaron Lim

Vee takes it to the next level. Set aside her pinpoint professionalism and turbocharged layout skills—she's the bundle of energy behind our Lost Roads marketing materials and Kickstarter launch. Her work is second to none!
— Ary Ramsey
Buried Key
Working with Vee was very straight forward; I gave her my thoughts and she was able to illustrate them in truly creative ways that really help bring my project to life. Vee is very prompt and great to work with. I love how she helped foster my own creativity while we worked together, definitely recommend for all your design needs!

Vee is literally the best. You won't regret having her on your project, she just makes everything better.
— Hayley Gordon
Storybrewers Roleplaying
Vee knew what to ask me and how to approach the entire work process between us, so that I got results that fit very well with what I wanted for the project. She's quick, efficient, lovely to communicate with, and has enough foresight and experience to do more than you ask her to - you get what you need, including stuff you didn't think about. 
— Eran Aviram
Menagerie of the Void
Vee was very easy to work with, and very clear with communication. She gave me several options to choose from, and has delightful prompts that capture how you'd like to present yourself in her designs. This felt like understanding, strong collaboration. Her art skills are more than sufficient in translating these prompts into a full scale, proper logo and other collaterals. Needless to say, I am so pleased with Vee's work!

Vee was absolutely amazing to work with. She was great at following things up, walking me through the process of figuring out my aesthetic, and also transparent about all of the necessary details. She also nailed my own desires as a client better than I could have ever imagined. The exercises that she chose in order to realize my visions were simple while being evocative and creative.
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