Roleplaying Game Layout
I can handle all aspects of laying out your game, from PDFs and books, to cards, character sheets and more. From concept design to print-ready proofs, we'll work together to get the best out of your game. 
Marketing Material and Crowdfunding Page
If you're planning to share or crowdfund your game, you'll need some kick-ass and shiny assets: mock-ups, info-graphics, features and more. Whether it's for your project page, social media, or print material like flyers, I can help put together a unified look for your game.
Logos, Wordmarks and Brand Design
A strong visual brand requires a clever mix of personality, clarity and memorability. I can help you design your game or your business's logotype, or a full branding set with colours, fonts, imagery and logos.
Project-wide Conceptual Design and Art Direction
I can partner with you to set a creative direction for your game that unifies art, graphic design and product design. I can ensure that all artists are briefed in a cohesive way, to create a strong and memorable visual style.
Interested? Contact me for a friendly quote and let's chat about your project! Let me know all about your game, timelines and how I can help.
Testimonials ​​​​​​​

"Vee is literally the best. You won't regret having her on your project, she just makes everything better." 
— Hayley Gordon
Storybrewers Roleplaying
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