Graphic design for a game
of zookeeping in an ancient
alien menagerie.
C R E D I T S 
Game Designer: Eran Aviram
Illustrations: Michael Malkin, Jaime Mosquera, Lord Zsezse Works, and Angela Quidam D
Editing and Design Consultation: Mitchell Salmon, Jonathon Boyle

M Y    R O L E 
Graphic design of zine for digital distribution and printing, custom logo design, as well as simple crowdfunding page assets.

Custom Logo Design

Crowdfunding Page Asset

Internal Page (+ Explanatory Diagram)

"A graphic designer needs to be both good at their job and connect well with the (probably somewhat clueless) customer. This is doubly true with roleplaying games, which are full of unique challenges! Vee knew what to ask me and how to approach the entire work process between us, so that I got results that fit very well with what I wanted for the project. She's quick, efficient, lovely to communicate with, and has enough foresight and experience to do more than you ask her to - you get what you need, including stuff you didn't think about." - Eran Aviram

Other Work

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