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Vee Hendro
Sydney, Australia
Hello! I'm Vee Hendro, a full-time roleplaying game designer and graphic designer born in Jakarta and based in Sydney, Australia.
I also run a games company—Storybrewers Roleplaying—so I am familiar with all aspects of creating, publishing and marketing a professional high-quality game. 
My strengths as a graphic designer are in unifying a thematic design across all aspects of a project—from logo, title design, art direction, layout and marketing assets. This is the level of polish I always strive for in every project.
Roleplaying games are my life!
Whether you're publishing your first game, or your fifth, I will work with you to create a visual design that helps your game to shine. 
Graphic design works best when it's considered upfront, as a core part of how a project comes into the world. By working together from an early stage, we can create a unified design approach that will take your game from conception, to crowdfunding, to its final form. 
Design is an important element of how players connect with your game, and I want to show you how valuable it can be to your project. 
My values keep me grounded.
I value honesty, integrity, and respect. As a queer woman of colour, I strive for inclusivity and diversity in all areas of my life, but especially in gaming. A big step towards this is providing safe and welcoming spaces and game designs that contemplate issues of consent and inclusion.
Why am I telling you this? I think it's important to team up with someone you gel with and that you can trust!
What I'm working on as a graphic designer...
I'm constantly trying to improve my skills, so there's always something I'm learning. Currently, I'm working on understanding how to implement best practice document accessibility standards. I've always been interested in user-friendly design, and excited to extend my knowledge in this area.
Bachelor of Laws (Australia)
Good Society
2019 Indie Groundbreaker Award: Best Rules
♦ 2019 Indie Groundbreaker Nomination: Game of the Year
♦ 2019 Indie Groundbreaker Nomination: Best Art
♦ 2018 Australian Game Awards Nomination: Table Top of the Year
Alas for the Awful Sea
♦ 2017 Indie RPG Award: Game of the Year Runner-up
♦ 2017 Indie RPG Award: Most Innovative Game
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